The needs of English Cocker Spaniel Rescue never end. While our actual rescues have slowed from this time last year, the costs continue to support the medical and often transportation costs of dogs that do come into our rescue efforts. We have also found it important to support some long-time rescues that will live out their lives with the volunteers who love them.

Rescue has welcomed a number of English Cocker Spaniels since the first of the year, some of which have required extensive vetting, but the dogs have come through their challenges feeling more like their old selves and are settling in with their families. We look forward to being able to always support those in need.

Rescue appreciates each and every effort made to purchase rescue raffle tickets! If you are experiencing difficulties purchasing tickets via a mobile device, please purchase via a computer. If you continue to have difficulty, please e-mail Betsy at for assistance.


Please, please share information on our most recent Rescue Raffles with your friends and dog lovers. As our ECS Rescue needs never rest, we have three auctions going on simultaneously.

Winners will be posted English Cocker Spaniel Rescue USA Facebook page.

English Cocker Spaniel Lithograph by E.H. Hart

This is a lovely 24 x 30 original lithograph of two black ECS heads with eyes that find you! Valued at over $400. It is by the artist E.H. Hart, who “predominately dealt with animals showing a particular preference for dogs.” Our auction piece is beautifully framed, in good condition, and ready to hang! You can find more information about this artist here.

This lithograph was donated by the estate of long time ECS fancier Tim Downey. Winner may be asked to help pay shipping if it cannot be delivered. Raffle ends Feb 29th.

Virtual raffle tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25

Number of Tickets

IMPACT Dog Crate

American made IMPACT crates are safe, popular and colorful! The stationary crate is of aluminum construction, lightweight, and built to last with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Other size and shape possibilities will be available to the winner of this auction. The winner of this raffle will be allotted a certificate and then able to choose whatever color and size fits best with their own dog and décor. One of our ECSCA members couldn’t decide what color she wanted so ordered one of each! LOL!


OCEANBLUE Puppy Jungle

The premium PUPPY JUNGLE is made with 1” furniture grade PVC, absolutely no paint and colors can be customized. It is strong and durable with eight toys suspended by plastic chains attached to the frame. It is approx. 24”x24”x24”, easy to disassemble for storage.

Virtual raffle tickets for this item are also $10 each or 3/$25. This raffle will end when we have sold 50 tickets.

Number of Tickets

D-Flite Tack Box

The D-Flite Tack Box has been a favorite with handlers and show fanciers for years! Designed as a heavy-duty travel box, this aluminum tack box has room for everything! Made in the USA by Chris Christensen. Model 1000 is approximately 24″ x 11″ x 16″ and features 2 drawers.

Virtual raffle tickets for this item are also $10 each. This raffle will end when we have sold 70 tickets.

Choose number of tickets in your cart.

Rescue Totes – Ongoing Fundraiser

$30 each

Brody is hard at work on the packing and shipping line for our rescue totes! These are really nice quality canvas two-tone tote bags printed with the official rescue logo. They measure 18″ wide, 15″ tall, and 5″ deep.

We always need funds…so order up right away.

$30 includes bag and shipping/handling via Parcel Post.

And, don’t forget, these make great gifts for your friends!

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