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All rescue English Cocker Spaniels available for adoption are listed here. To see dogs that are not yet ready for adoption, please visit our Available Soon page. To learn more about an available English Cocker Spaniel, scroll down and click on the dog’s photo or “More Information” where you will also find contact information. Feel free to contact whoever is listed, the Foster Parent, or Foster Co-ordinator to learn specific individual information about that dog.

If you are interested in adopting an ECS, complete an Adoption Application and forward to Karen Kirby, Rescue Chair, at or mail to:

1004 Retford Dr
Westfield, IN
or call 317-339-1546

You may have interest in a specific dog but, even though we try to keep our web site as current as possible, that dog may no longer be available. ECSCA Rescue will review your application, but we reserve the right to match you with a dog that best suits your lifestyle. If nothing is currently available, your application is kept on file and, when an appropriate match comes in, we offer that dog first to people on our waiting list. Even though you have submitted an application, PLEASE check our website regularly as dogs do change!

NOTE – Dogs listed in the Courtesy Listing section are only listed by the ECSCA as a courtesy to shelters and private individuals. The ECSCA is not responsible for any transaction or representations about the dogs made by these organizations or individuals unless otherwise stated.



No listings at this time.

Please consider adopting one of our older ECs. These dogs are truly in need because they are less in demand. But, they have lots of love left to give and you could always add a younger dog later. The life span of the average English Cocker is 12-14 years. Adopting an older dog is also a great way to get acquainted to our breed. Keep in mind that our waiting list is long, but for those who have a space in their hearts for a “middle-aged” dog, the rewards can be enormous AND you will more likely be matched with a dog much sooner.

The following are dogs with other organizations or private rescues that may be of interest. These dogs are not associated with the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America rescue. We offer this as a service to English Cocker Spaniels in need, but the health or temperament of these dogs has not been assessed and cannot be guaranteed by the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America rescue. All transactions are made directly with the organization or private individual listed. Some may be English Cocker Spaniel mixes.

When working in a private placement rather than through an organization, please keep these things in mind.


  • Check with owner’s vet directly about the health care the dog has had and even have the records faxed to your vet for review.
  • Consider talking to groomer about the dog’s temperament.
  • If there is a microchip, arrange with owner to have registration changed to your name once it’s clear that the dog has worked out.


  • Dog must be neutered before placement and vet care should be up to date. A vet visit within six months, at least,is suggested.
  • Please be honest and up front about any issues the dog has. Do not simply pass a dog to others hoping “things will be better”.
  • Put any specific stipulations in writing, eg. if you want adopter to allow visitation, checks by phone, contacting you, or ECSCA rescue, if placement doesn’t work out, etc.
  • Share any microchip info and assist adopter in the transfer of the registration information.
  • If there are any concerns about the potential adopter, ask ECSCA Rescue for assistance with screening and possibly even a home visit.
  • Give new owner some of dog’s dog food as well as favorite toys and bedding.
  • Unless you know the person well, never give a dog away for free. Consider asking for a donation to a charity. ECSCA Rescue appreciates donations from adopter (as well as owner, if possible).


No listings at this time.


The ECSCA does not and cannot guarantee that dogs available through
other rescue organizations are purebred English Cocker Spaniels.

Lost English Cockers

If you have lost a dog, currently or in the past, please contact Karen Kirby at We will be happy to post lost dogs and we can also see if we may have placed a dog like yours in the past. If you’ve lost a dog, please check these Lost Dog Resources

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